Listen, I know the last thing you want to hear about after the Phillies move on to the NLDS and the Eagles improve to 4-0 is news on the Sixers… but this is huge. The Sixers have two max slots opening up in the offseason and Joel Embiid has decided to play for Team USA in the Olympics:

Everyone knows relationships and super teams get formed at the Olympics and even before that during training camp. That’s where the seeds were planted for Chris Bosh and LeBron to join Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat in 2010. I’m going to need Joel to take one for the team, come out of his hotel room, and actually try to build a relationship with other star players. This is the only thing as a Sixers fan that gives me any hope for the future. We’ve got a couple more years for one last run. Maybe LeBron will finally be scheduling that Malvern tour.

Lets be honest though. With the way the Sixers are trending, Embiid is going to end up falling in love with Anthony Edwards, force himself out of Philly, and we’re gonna be left with Rudy Gobert and four first round draft picks that never materialize while opening up the new stadium. Fun.