There’s a LOT going on in this video, which was shared by outgoing Philadelphia Union All Star left back Kai Wagner:


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Wagner is leaving Philly at the end of this season. Where he’s going, we’re not sure, but it was a somewhat disappointing and maybe contentious exit. We’re not totally sure. He wanted and deserved a bigger, better contract, but for whatever reason no extension was agreed upon. He is a top five player in Philadelphia Union history.

Anyway, this looks like a going away party with his neighbors. A Hibachi party in someone’s garage. Does it get any more blue collar than that? Some athletes booze it up at the best nightclubs in Philadelphia, but Kai is eating Yakitori chicken skewers and shooting his neighbors with a water gun while the chef bangs a drum. Then you’ve got an impromptu dance party with balloon animals.

I checked out the Hibachi 2 U website and it’s pretty sick. They bring their hibachi grill and chef to your backyard. “All you need to do is set up tables and chairs, and provide plates and utensils for your party. Each person gets a side salad, hibachi vegetables, fried rice and 2 proteins of their choice.” We should have a hibachi party when the Phillies sweep the D Backs and advance to the World Series. We’ll send the chef straight into the clubhouse with a poncho and some shrimp tempura.