MLB is at it again. This time they’re not fining Bryce Harper for stuffing Angel Hernandez in a locker, but for “endangering” the fans when he actually made a child’s day:

Does this look like any Phillies fan felt endangered?

Not only was Harper giving a fan a souvenir during the last home game of the regular season. He found the kid and signed it for him:

Take notes, Rob Manfred. This is how you grow the game. That Hayden kid is going to be telling this story for the rest of his life. How about instead of fining the sport’s most beloved athletes for spreading cheer, you fine Angel Hernandez for his failure to contribute anything worthwhile to the game?

This is what Angel Hernandez does to children:

There’s no reason an ump should be a household name. You literally used his blown calls as evidence during his discrimination lawsuit against you. Put us out of our nightmare and can this clown.

Fuck it, Angel Hernandez highlights: