The legend of Nick Castellanos keeps growing. Jake Mintz at wrote a great profile on Kyle Schwarber being one of the best teammates in MLB. It included a story about Schwarbs and Castey going to a psychedelic art installation called “Meow Wolf” in Denver early in the season:

Schwarber takes pride in meeting people where they’re at, whether that’s having a postgame beer in the cold tub or showing interest in another person’s passion. Earlier this season, he attended a psychedelic art installation in Denver called “Meow Wolf” after being invited by Phillies teammate Nick Castellanos. And while Schwarber didn’t particularly enjoy or understand the exhibit — “not my thing,” he admitted — he’ll gladly seek out the next opportunity. For him, experiences like this with his teammates are vital; spending real time with the folks he shares a clubhouse with, to know them not just as players but as people.

Imagine getting metaphysical with Castey on a day off.

I’m dying thinking of Schwarbs in the Convergence Station off a couple pieces of chocolate:

He’s a blue collar Miller Lite drinking son of a gun from Ohio who didn’t own a suit until he was in his 20s. There’s no chance he’s ever taken an edible before. But he’s the ultimate teammate. There’s nothing better than that friend you have who is always down to do something.

What are the chances Castey took ayahuasca in the offseason to clear his mind and that’s why he’s having such an awesome year? Aaron Rodgers won an MVP after it.  If he’s into something like “Meow Wolf” he’s definitely into ayahuasca.

P.S. They should’ve invited Bryce. Dude’s chi was off: