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Nobody celebrates like the Philadelphia Phillies:

There’s a chance Garrett Stubbs gets on the Phillies Wall of Fame based off of postgame performance alone:

Bryson Stott might’ve been so drunk he didn’t remember spiking his bat after his Grand Slam:

It took everything in Kyle Schwarber not to do a keg stand

Good thing there was Garrett Stubbs there to pick him up. That’s teamwork:

This is like $200 worth of shots in 15 seconds:

Guys being dudes:


This is why you go to Big J school. To be apart of interviews like this:

Dixieland Delight (The Phillies’ version)

Ranger Suarez literally dancing on his own:

Even the Big Fella got to participate in the celebration:


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Not even Franzke and LA were safe:

Outside the clubhouse John Middleton continued his tradition of launching baseballs into the seats after wins:

Dude just gets it. It’s hard not to look at this and then get a little pissed off about Josh Harris buying a rival franchise.

No beer made it out alive:

Phillies janitors when they see all the shit they gotta clean up:

Of course the party didn’t stop in the clubhouse:

This Phillies team is the best! Nobody plays harder on the field and off the field than this crew. Chugging beers, keg stands, and belting out tunes until you lose your voice. It’s like a giant frat house. If the frat house was ridiculously good at playing baseball.