Scott Lauber at the Inquirer:

PHOENIX – If the Phillies do what they came here to do — win two of three games and clinch a second straight National League pennant — they’re planning to add a wrinkle to their customary celebration.

“I’ve seen that pool before, so I know exactly where it is,” backup catcher/team DJ Garrett Stubbs said Wednesday, referring to the famous natatorium beyond the right field fence at Chase Field. “If we take two here against Arizona, we’ll be bee-lining it for the water.”

The Diamondbacks have a pool beyond right center. It’s pretty sick. The team went and jumped in the water after sweeping the Dodgers and clinching their NLCS berth.

Now they’re down 2-0 and the Phils can finish the series in Arizona. Is this bulletin board material? I don’t think so. Stubbs said “if we take two,” which is important. Context and nuance. He didn’t say “we’re gonna close it out and then jump in the pool and then steal their girlfriends,” so I don’t think Torey Lovullo is printing out Lauber’s article and taping it to the wall inside the clubhouse. Maybe there’s a D Backs player or two who thinks “no way you’re celebrating in our pool” or something like that, but yeah. Plus, you can’t rile up Diamondbacks fans because they don’t have any fans. First pitch is in 5 hours and the get-in price is $17. You can sit in right or left for less than $50 and along one of the base paths for less than $100.

Here’s Scott’s full story: The Phillies will have a pool party if they close out the NLCS at Chase Field