No way the Eagles were gonna lose at home wearing kelly green. The defense transformed into Bud Carson’s guys en route to limiting the NFL’s best offense to 10 points in a 31-17 win.

One minor gripe, however. I’d replace all of the gray in the uniform with white.

Why? Because gray is bland. It’s boring. It limits the motif and makes it look like a throwback uniform, which is not actually the point here. Yes, the Eagles wore kelly green with gray pants back in the day, but these uniforms were not brought back to pay homage. They are now part of the permanent rotation, made possible by the NFL’s updated rules, and therefore the kit should be modernized.

The way you do that is by eliminating the gray pants entirely and replacing them with white.

In these photos from Sunday night, look at how much the green pops against the white lettering and trim, vs. the gray pants:

See, now when you look at that last photo, A.J. Brown has the silvery tinge on the cleats and the helmet. If the gray pants had more of that metallic-looking sheen, they’d be gnarly. But they don’t, they look very basic from the front and back when the stripes are not visible, like someone did a generic paint job on a Fishtown new construction. Seriously. I saw one person call this color “Millennial Gray” on Twitter, which was perfect.

Compare “Millennial Gray” on the pants, to the white/green combo on the uniform, and it just makes the look feel incomplete. This kit is an 8.5 out of 10 as it stands, but if the boring gray pants were switched out with something different, it would be a 10 out of 10. It would look like the 2010 kelly green one-off, with the white pants that Vick and Shady wore, but modernized for 2023.

There is no debating my opinion. This is the way.