The most important thing I learned watching football this weekend is that the Eagles have an even more significant advantage with the Brotherly Shove than I originally thought. They converted 4th and a long 1 to keep their game winning drive going in OT:

We even got a fake Brotherly Shove.

The Commies tried to run a bastardized version of it twice with tight end Logan Thomas. It probably drove Peter King nuts!

But the best part was watching multiple teams fail miserably at it on Sunday:

If it’s too easy, like fans of other teams say, then why can’t you pull it off?

King gave this thoughts last week on WIP:

“I don’t think it’s a football play,” the esteemed NFL analyst told Hugh Douglas and Joe Giglio on Thursday’s 94WIP Midday Show.

“I don’t think when the fathers of football invented this game, they invented it so that two or three guys can push somebody from behind and try to help them gain yards. Look, it’s a rule. The Eagles are taking advantage of it, good for them. As long as it is a rule, they should take advantage of it. I don’t blame the Eagles. The Eagles are simply playing this game by the rules, I blame the NFL competition committee that, to me, saw something that really doesn’t look like football and said, ‘Well we’re not going to do anything about it.'”

Someone tell Peter King the fathers of football also didn’t have the forward pass or helmets in the original plans either. Taking away the Brotherly Shove because the Eagles are too good at it would be like the NBA removing the three point line because it made the Warriors too good. It would be like making JT Realmuto count to three before he was allowed to throw the ball to second during a steal. Offenses continually revolutionize in sports. The Brotherly Shove is another version of the QB Sneak! Even college teams are running it successfully. First Temple did it:

Then those bastards up north stole it:

If college teams can execute it, then why can’t pro teams? I don’t understand why Peter King continually harps on it not being a football play. It’s literally big dudes crashing into other big dudes trying to gain a couple yards for a first down. Its been happening since the dawn of football. Chill out, Peter. Go grab an Allagash, keep making that Hall of Fame case for Darren Sharper, and breaking news to random servers.