Bobby N. checking in with some Tick Pick data:

Those are incredible numbers. Less surprised honestly at the Phillies prices being that high and more surprised at the other games being that low. And look, yes, these games are being played on Tuesday, starting as early as 3 p.m. EST with fans still at work, but the truth is that if the Phillies got the early game on a weekday, they’d still fill the stadium and the ticket prices would remain relatively high.

We know the Rays have no fans and play in a joke stadium, and the Twins haven’t won a playoff GAME, let alone a series, since 2004, when Johan Santana was turning into a star. It’s been that long. But the Brewers ticket prices are crazy. I double checked a couple of other resale outlets, and the Stubhub get-in price is $7 each for a couple of tickets in the top section. I thought Milwaukee fans were decent, but maybe not. It’s a 5:08 p.m. start, their time, and tickets are super cheap. There are seats right behind home plate for less than $100:

That same spot at CBP is going for $500+.

Are Phillies fans that good, or are Rays, Twins, and Brewers fans that lethargic? Maybe it’s both.