Anybody else find it funky that Ron Rivera didn’t try a two-point conversion to steal a win at Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday night? It seemed like it might be an opportunity to end it right then and there, with momentum in the Communists’ favor, but Riverboat Ron gave this explanation for kicking the extra point:

“Yeah (there was consideration), but you know what, those guys, they were gassed. They really were. It was a long drive. They were hurting. They were hustling. I really thought we had the chance. And that’s too bad.”

Uh, alright. That would be a plausible explanation if the option Rivera chose had not resulted in his offense going right back on the field a few minutes later.

Think about it for a minute –

Did it make more sense to gut out one more play and end it right there? (against an equally-gassed defense, no-less) Or you give them a few minutes to rest up, only to have to drive the length of the field again? Ultimately Washington went three and out, the Birds moved the ball up the field, and then knocked home a game-winning 54-yard field goal.

Hindsight is 20/20, but that is a weak explanation for that decision. Rivera has to turn in his Riverboat nickname. He’s now Moderate Ron Rivera. Or right-of-center Ron Rivera. Better alliteration on that one.