A guy named Steve sent this to us on IG. One of the most preposterous things I’ve ever seen (warning, borderline NSFW) –

Initial thoughts?

  • no way a Phillies fan would poop on their own concourse, especially with the restrooms right there
  • possibly could have been a Marlins fan defiling our stadium
  • would not rule out an animal doing this, like an emotional support alligator, for instance

However, Steve followed up and said “Just some guy dropped it out of his shorts and kept it moving. He dropped another another 20′ further down too. Fuckin’ Turd Burglar.”

That’s incredible. We’re efforting more information on this. Just an absolutely vile act. Who is the CBP pooper? This is a developing story. Please contact us if you have more information.

When you see a turd on the concourse: