Meantime, in New Jersey:

Awesome lol. Insert the Will Ferrell “we are laughing” meme right here.

Hang on lemme find it… ah here it is:

You know what’s going to happen, right? The NFL is going to outlaw the tush push/Brotherly Shove, not because the Eagles are unstoppable with it, but because other teams are so bad that they fail and injure their own guys. It’s going to be axed under the guise of “protecting players” in a grotesque sort of reverse-scuppering accidentally engineered by a division rival.

This also reinforces what we and others have said about the play. It’s not that it’s easy to pull off, it’s that the Eagles are that damn good at it. They have an elite offensive line. They have a QB who can squat a million bazillion pounds. They get lower than you and they want it more. The Birds are out here running the Brotherly Shove to perfection while the Giants are running “Jabroni Scrum Middle.” Seriously, we need a name for their version of the play. Maybe “No gain and a cloud of injuries.” The “pansy push” would work. Drop me some suggestions.