Red October means playoff baseball and playoff baseball means highlight videos that will make you want to pants Marlins Man in the Diamond Club and give him an atomic wedgie. Cancel your meetings for the day and watch these on repeat. If your boss gets mad at you he’s a Braves fan. Lets get to the goods:

“If they don’t understand Philadelphia, come here in October…and if you don’t get it, then get the fuck out of Philly!”  – Garrett Stubbs

Garrett Stubbs might’ve secured his position as the most beloved back-up catcher in Phillies history. Did he just nail down a Wall of Fame spot for this? I think he did.

The guys over at Philly Insider Pod always bring the heat. There’s nothing like Philly:


You add some Kate Bush into your hype video and I’m clicking every single time:

Avengers x Phillies is always a hit:

Short, sweet, and to the point:

Send us more and we’ll update this. Can never get enough playoff hype videos.