The entire town showed up to welcome Travis Scott, Tom Brady, and Kevin Hart to a Topps card show Saturday at Wax, Packs and Throwbacks:

Love the boos as Tom Brady came out of the van. “Thanks for visiting and making our town relevant. Fuck you still. Go Birds.” 

This has to shoot to the top of the most historic event in the history of Linwood, right? Like before Tom Brady was in Linwood, NJ I’ve never heard of Linwood, NJ. But now I have. It’s like Millville. Nobody gave a fuck about Millville before Mike Trout. Now you can’t say Millville without someone telling you they struck him out in high school.

I just want to know how Michael Rubin convinced these A-List celebrities to visit this podunk town. Is this what people will do to be invited to Michael Rubin’s holiday parties? Is this a test from Rubin? Go to Linwood, NJ for a card show and then crowd into a room in AC at The Trop like we used to do for our buddy’s birthday party in your 20s. Does Travis Scott have to go down to the lobby to get Brady because the front desk only lets two people per room key up at a time? They probably all chipped in $20 for that shitty limo service that sits outside every hotel to hit Premier then HQ2 before finishing the night at Boogie Nights and losing their last $50 at the blackjack table and hitting the buffet. I’d like to think Super Bowl champion Tom Brady and my AC nights aren’t to different. This morning we’re both waking up hungover crammed in a twin bed with our buddy and wondering what the hell happened last night.