The Philadelphia Flyers had a few fun visitors at the Wells Fargo Center to witness their loss to the Carolina Hurricanes on Monday. Bryce Harper, the two-time NL MVP and the man who has mastered the art of phandering, showed up with his family. He elected to sit not in a big fancy suite, but on the glass, surrounded not by security but by other Philly fans.


Harper was also spotted at a Sprouts Farmers Market in Haddon Township earlier in the day.

He really is just like us, if you ignore the fact that he’s making $330 million and that I personally would have gone to ACME instead:

Harper, a self-proclaimed hockey romance novel reader (I swear to God this is not a joke, he admitted it to GQ), would definitely rather be at Citizens Bank Park than the Wells Fargo Center. Regardless, seeing the MVP in South Philly is always a welcome sight.

Speaking of being unable to get into Citizens Bank Park, Wally the emotional support alligator was also at the Flyers game!

At least one of the sports complex venues knows how to have a little fun. For reference, Wally was denied entry to Citizens Bank Park before the Phillies’ September 27th home game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. It’s a shame, because that was the legendary hangover game after the Phils clinched the playoffs, and an alligator in the stands would have been VERY on brand.

Wally even had a special moment with Gritty himself:

There’s been some speculation that the Phillies’ refusal to admit Wally eventually cursed them in the long run. The Flyers are clearly hoping to avoid that fate. I’m firmly in the camp of letting Wally go wherever he wants.