Alex Coffey at the Inky wrote a profile on Nick Castellanos and Weston Wilson’s relationship. In it, she mentioned that Castellanos, who bought Ben Simmons’ old place, opened up his home for Wilson to stay:

“When Wilson was called up by the Phillies in August, Castellanos invited the utility man and his wife, Madison, to stay at Castellanos’ South Jersey home. He knew the Phillies would cover Wilson’s housing for the first few days of his time in Philadelphia, but not all of it.

“I know that everything can be a whirlwind,” Castellanos said. “Finding a place to stay, the schedule, the big leagues, the expectations, this, that, so I just said, ‘Hey man, if it makes it easier for you, I have a basement that’s wide open. And you and Madison are welcome to stay here, if it makes your life easier.’

“I just wanted to take things off of his plate, so he can feel comfortable and focus on baseball.”

The legend of Castellanos continues to grow little by little every day. But this isn’t about Castey being the world’s greatest teammate. This is about the prime real estate Weston Wilson and his wife currently occupy right now. The “Simmo the Savage” room.

What Wilson doesn’t know is that the same level of the house where he lays his head every night used to feature a gaudy neon sign featuring a nickname Ben Simmons gave himself:

It was a warzone in there. I’m sure if you listen closely you can hear the faint sounds of a Call of Duty lobby. Man, if those walls could talk. So much fake digital blood was shed in that basement: