Sending out the bat signal here. If you’re one of those Twitter bots that posts the links to every viral shirt please continue along. I forbid you from cursing my feed peddling your cheap material. I have to get my hands on the Holy Grail. I need this shirt of the Godfather of Security:

I’m so angry at myself I didn’t think of this idea first. I’m the biggest Dom D. fan in the world. I noticed the Copper Fit arm sleeve on his forearm yesterday and I just want to wish him a speedy recovery. It’s probably just to keep the blood circulation flowing, but I like to think it’s from squeezing a guy’s head too hard in a bar fight. Dom’s so cool. Do you think other teams have a Dom? Is he bigger than our Dom? Probably not. Our Dom is huge! He can hold up stadiums with one arm!

The King of Doms. A Dominatrix some would call him.

Anyway – does someone have a lead on this shirt?

P.S. Dom if you see this lets get Scannicchio’s some time. My treat. I want to hear where all the bodies are buried over a Big John and nice chianti.