How about this?

Now Egan only accounts for one flight ticket. Think of it like you’re heading down to Atlanta to see your Phillies fan buddy from college and go to the game. The math is now mathing. It’s simple supply and demand economics. There is zero demand for Braves baseball in Atlanta. Think about that. The Braves are the most electrifying team in the sport and the biggest game in Atlanta on Saturday will be played in Athens. Pathetic. The Braves will be on TV #2 with no sound. Could you imagine walking into a bar on Saturday and the Penn State game (those poor bartenders) sound is on over the Phillies? What a terrible sports town.

And look, they’re already scared. Here comes the big bad hungover Phillies to ruin another postseason run. BOO:

Spencer Strider probably watched the NL Wild Card and has his petition to the MLB for no fans ready to go:


I’d say I can’t wait to ruin Braves fans’ lives this year, but if there are no Braves fans’ lives to ruin what is the point?

Sweep incoming. Here we go: