Fresh off of four threes Monday night and a 44-point win, this Pat Bev interview probably had a producer scrambling for the dump button:

“I don’t want to curse on your station…” as he proceeds to curse on the station. I love it.

You can’t handle Pat Bev, you can only hope to contain him. He’s brought the dawg mentality to the team that P.J. Tucker was supposed to, and he’s keeping receipts:

This team is the definition of a motherfucka. A squad led by two stars and a bunch of role players with a newly rejuvenated coach. They play tough defense and don’t succumb to those schedule losses Doc Rivers loved to talk about it. They’re well-prepared and any given night someone can step up. Monday it was Pat Bev and Marcus Morris, and if you’ve watched any game with Morris this year you know a holiday miracle came early. Right now I’m just enjoying the ride. It’s crazy how enjoyable they are after Game 7 last year. I’ve never seen a fanbase more down on a team to start the season become revitalized. The Wells Fargo Center has been jumping this year. We’re beating up on teams and then rubbing their faces in it:

And Pat Bev is the straw that stirs the drink of the second unit:

Btw are the clocks above the basket just never going to work again at the Wells Fargo Center?

This is the second game in a row they had to use the clocks on the corner baseline. I guarantee you if the Wells Fargo staff had Pat Bev, this clock issue would be figured out in minutes.