I know you’re not supposed to feed the trolls, but this made me laugh:

Oh yeah! Big victory over the two-win Giants, currently starting a quarterback who still lives with his mom and enjoys her chicken cutlets. If a blowout home win over Tommy DeVito doesn’t get you believing again, then nothing will!

Serious question though –

What is the Cowboys’ best win this season? Here’s the list to pick from:

  1. 40-0 at Giants (currently 2-8)
  2. 30-10 vs. Jets (currently 4-5)
  3. 38-3 vs. Patriots (currently 2-8)
  4. 20-17 at Chargers (currently 4-5)
  5. 43-20 vs. Rams (currently 3-6)
  6. 49-17 vs. Giants (currently 2-8)

Looks like a real murderer’s row of games right there! They’re good at beating bad teams, but of course they’ve failed the only real tests in front of them, getting blasted by San Francisco and then losing in Philadelphia. Throw in the Arizona choke job and that’s why they’re 6-3 instead of 7-2.

Even if they do get to 10-3, their late-season schedule is much harder than the Birds’ schedule. After the rematch in Dallas, Philly plays at Seattle, vs. Arizona, and then those two games with the Giants. The Cowboys have to play at Buffalo, at Miami, home to the Lions, and then at Washington. There’s a loss or two in there.

Good bit by Skip, though. This would be like the Eagles turning everyone into believers again after a big home win over Ben DiNucci.