This came out on the Manningcast, that Patrick Mahomes wears the same red underwear for every game:

The entire world freaked out about this and for all the wrong reasons. People were acting like this is weird. As long as he’s washing (let’s be honest it’s a guy making $15/hr washing them) I don’t give a shit what underwear Mahomes wears. I just have to know where his wife got them.

I get underwear (boxer briefs cause I’m a man) every single Christmas because the shelf life for mine are like 12 months. Christmas is rolling around and I’ve already spotted three or four pairs that have holes in the crotch. In one year! That’s ridiculous! And I’m not talking like store-bought Kohl’s or Walmart underwear. I’m talking brands like Nike and MeUndies. Stuff you actually pay a premium for.

Is Nike lowering the company standards in their sweatshops? There are two things I don’t cheap out on – toilet paper and underwear. I enjoy an underwear that can cradle my cash and prizes and I enjoy TP that doesn’t feel like I’m wiping with a pinecone. Patrick Mahomes is out here with the same underwear seven seasons later. It should be looking like this:

Also, they lost one of the most lopsided Super Bowls in the history of the NFL. Doesn’t the “lucky underwear” narrative kind of lose its juice then? Don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just asking the tough questions that Eli should’ve while he was babbling about G-Strings on TV.

Still, lucky underwear no lucky underwear, I have the Eagles moneyline on Monday. Revenge is a lot stronger than the luck of some red panties.

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