Remember the recent video of that Mavericks TV guy obliterating James Harden? Jimmy Traina at Sports Illustrated notes that the clip was taken down:

Sources told me that there was zero outside influence at all. The decision to take down the clip solely came from Bally Sports Southwest executives who felt the clip “did not reflect the Mavericks organization.” Somehow, those at Bally Sports Southwest were not in agreement with Dameris’s “editorializing,” according to a source, because it went against the network’s “values.”

The internet, of course, continues to circulate the video.

Here it is if you missed it:

Dunno. Seems like a pretty spot-on takedown to me! I guess the issue is whether or not that was the right forum for it. Nate Jones runs a popular NBA Twitter account and wrote this:

“…he was outside of his lane on this. He’s a TEAM studio analyst and acted like he was on a First Take panel.”

Fair point. Would we feel a certain way if Alaa Abdelnaby eviscerated (insert player here) before a Sixers game? Would some useless, overpaid suit make a phone call and have the tweet deleted? Would it go against the VALUES of the company? –

Pagan wrote this the other day:

“Jesus Christ what did James Harden do to this guy? Did he fuck this dude’s daughter or something? I mean nothing he said was unfair I’m just genuinely confused why the Mavs TV guy felt like he needed to be the one to take it upon himself. Do these two have a history I’m not aware of? I have so many questions. He literally just went line by line of the last three years of James Harden’s career and it gradually got meaner.”

Tell ya what, I didn’t know who Brian Damaris was last week But I do now.