Bradley Cooper is a sicko like all of us:

Somehow this guy has never won an Oscar. He’s 0/9. Silver Linings Playbook? Nada. American Sniper? Zilch. A Star is Born? Nothing. He’s had some of the most memorable performances in films over the last decade and all he has is a SAG Award. That’s like only winning an NFC Championship trophy. Well Howard Stern just gave him two, and his co-star one, and he still picked an Eagles Super Bowl over that. And he already has one of those! That’s how important this team is to him. I mean look at this guy after James Bradberry’s interception on Sunday:

I had the same exact reaction in my apartment. All of that bottled up emotion really sneaks up on you after another frustrating first half of Eagles football.

So now that T-Swift all but abandoned us, the new #1 celebrity Eagles fan has to be Bradley Cooper, right? Who else would it be? Mike Trout? Not gonna lie it was a valiant effort by him slugging it out in the rain on Sunday. I know we like to greatly exaggerate around here how much of a loser Trout is for staying in Anaheim, but he could’ve easily finished out the game in the warm bar area where the VIPs go. Instead, he sat in those seats for five quarters in the pouring rain for his Birds like everyone else. Gotta give credit where credit is due.

Still it’s Cooper. Who would’ve thought the dickhead from Wedding Crashers was going to become one of the greatest actors of our generation and the biggest celebrity Eagles fan? The guy from Alias is in a suite rubbing shoulders with Jeffrey Lurie. Unbelievable.

The movie he’s directing and acting in that Stern referenced is called Maestro. It’ll be streaming on Netflix on December 20th. There’s a good chance he could end up with both a Super Bowl and an Oscar after completely changing his look and changing voice for the film. I don’t know if I’ll watch it but it does look like some classical bio-pic the Academy cums all over themselves for. Like when Leo finally won his first Oscar because he got frostbite in a bear carcass when he should’ve won three times before that.