Nick Sirianni gave ’em the business at Arrowhead:


Eagles HC Nick Sirianni with a message to Chiefs fans after Monday night’s win in Kansas City 🍿 (Via @nbcsphilly) #nfl #nflfootball #football #chiefs #eagles #superbowl

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No issue with this! You win a big game on the road in a hostile environment? Talk your shit. And then when you lose, you give credit to the other team. It’s not that hard. The “Nick Sirianni has it coming” takes are corny. It’s football man. It’s pro sport. IT’S DIVISION ONE FOOTBALL! If you don’t like it, go play intramurals brother <Dan Hawkins voice>. There’s nothing wrong with showing some passion in Sirianni’s trademark, somewhat-awkward way.

I will say that the KC fans were awesome the other night, or at least gave off that impression on TV. They were loud as shit. Sounded like a big home game at the Linc. That’s a real fan base out there. Their MLS team also gets huge support, and the Royals, well, are once again the Royals (though 2014 and 2015 were sick).