A gross injustice occurred at Cameron Indoor leading up to the La Salle vs. Duke tilt, which was part of the “Blue Devil Challenge” tournament. I want heads to roll in Durham for disrespecting a founding member of the Big 5 like this:

I mean this would be a compliment if La Salle High School football was still a juggernaut, but this isn’t last decade. It could even be chalked up as a mistake if La Salle’s football team didn’t disband in 2007. Just zero respect from Duke. Don’t they know La Salle has an opportunity to be the first team to win the inaugural Big 5 Classic?  (tickets on sale now).

Not to mention, Fran Dunphy and Coach K are boys:

Does Duke not respect the troops?

The only answer is Duke still holds a grudge over this loss to Fran 10 years ago:

Can we talk about how hilarious it is that Duke created their own tournament that only benefitted Duke? La Salle, Bucknell, and Southern Indiana all played in this Blue Devil Challenge that specifically catered to Duke. The three other teams would travel to play each other, but Duke got to face every opponent at Cameron (Kinkead: and then they’ll get their “neutral site” March Madness game in Charlotte or Winston-Salem). Just typical elitist Duke. Do they think they’re too good for Tom Gola Arena? Are they afraid of the smoke?

I’ll be honest, I immediately added La Salle moneyline to my card last night when I saw the disrespect. I thought Fran taking the United Nations to Durham would’ve been like fighting fire with fire:

Whose goofy white guy* is goofier? La Salle started strong and stayed within eight up until around the five minute mark in the 1st half. Unfortunately, Duke’s goofy white guy was better than La Salle’s goofy white guy, and that goofy white guy out-goofied their white guy. That was the story of the game.

Kinkead: I still hate Greg Paulus