The big announcement that WIP teased is a contract renewal with the Eagles for the official radio rights. They posted video of the announcement with Don Smolenski and David Yadgaroff, who is one of the local Audacy executives:

Yadgaroff: “For a long time we’ve had a great partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles. And they’ve been on 94.1 FM since the early 90s. Today we’re here to announce we’ve extended our partnership with the Philadelphia Eagles through the 2028 season.”

Surprise! Or not. Where did you think they were gonna go? The Fanatic?

I’m REALLY interested to see the dollar amounts here. Audacy has been going through some public struggles lately, the stock de-listing and all of that. How much money goes to the Birds for the exclusive radio rights? It’s a big thing for them, and more or less defines WIP, does it not? Imagine WIP WITHOUT the Eagles radio rights. That would be the equivalent of pigs flying, or hell freezing over, or Andy Reid committing to the running game.