The Brotherly Shove is approaching icon status. And the NFL wants to ban this play? Now it’s boosting the economy:

What are the power rankings for plays that deserve the ass tat treatment?

I got it like this right now:

1. Philly Special
2. BG’s Strip Sack
3. Brotherly Shove
4. 4th and 26
5. Miracle at the Meadowlands 1 & 2*

The Brotherly Shove is ascending rapidly. It’s more iconic than 4th and 26 right now because it was used in the Super Bowl to score and so many big moments have come during drives that were extended by the shove. Now that it’s gotten the ass tat treatment, it’s a part of the fabric of the NFL forever. Can’t ban it now. Sure it’s a cheat code, but it’s the ultimate test of man vs. man. Micah Parsons understands:

Though I’m pretty sure if the NFL bans the play then Parsons suggests in the clip he’ll retire.

P.S. If you have this tattoo you can’t go to jail right? Like there is no chance you can get caught with this in the showers. If someone sees this it’s curtains. You can’t give a guy who hasn’t smelled a woman in 25 years a map to the treasure.

*Kinkead: I’d replace Miracle at the Meadowlands with the Dallas Special –