Crossing Broad can confirm that Eric “Coach” Camille is no longer employed by PHLY Sports.

Camille, who was laid off by Beasley in July, came to PHLY with Anthony Gargano and a few other former 97.5 the Fanatic employees. He was serving as the site’s Head of Operations.

The termination follows series of direct messages that were made public Monday night, shared by a Twitter user named Jess, who posted this:

She then shared this series of images:


Jess wrote this in a separate, follow-up thread:

“Hi – wanted to clear something up. Shooting your shot in DM’s is all fine & well. I’m in a relationship so obvi I’ll say no. What’s NOT OKAY; is using your position & connections to bait & switch and act like I have to do you an intimate favor for something in return. if you want to sell something sell it, if you want to give it away or help someone out -do it, You literally prefaced the interaction as being involved in the media & having connections. Which isn’t fair to who you represent, or who you’re connected to. Again, I wouldn’t have shared this otherwise if it was just a random asking if I had a bf or wanted to hang out. There’s no harm in that. But there’s harm in using your professional life to fulfill your personal needs. It’s unprofessional & poses a liability being that way.

Camille’s Twitter account was deleted at some point after these messages were shared.


EDIT – I had the damn images out of order. I fixed it.