Social media is usually a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but the best of it was on display after Sunday night’s Eagles win. Why? Because we got a plethora of well-researched and ridiculous stats that are honestly hard to believe. I picked five of them to share:

This was an incredible play. He actually got a hand on Josh Allen. The fact that a player of his size can move laterally at all is impressive, especially when you think you’re getting some modern-day run stuffer and space eater. Keep in mind, Fletcher Cox had to leave this game, so Davis actually played 62 snaps, which is a huge number for him. Jalen Carter really stepped up to fill the void as well.

Which brings us to this nugget from Roob:

The Eagles lost the time of possession battle in this game, and it wasn’t particularly close. With overtime coming into play, the defense spent 40:30 on the field. They were already pushing Haason Reddick and Josh Sweat into the 80% snap range against KC and Dallas, and waived Derek Barnett after his playing time dwindled. Now you find yourself in a game like this one, and the result is 164 combined snaps for your top-two edge rushers (playing in the rain, no less). The D really looked cooked during portions of the fourth quarter, and it’s hard to blame them. They were out there for longer than they’ve been this whole season.

You could give the game ball to Jake Elliott multiple times this year. Remember the crap weather opener in New England? Feels like aeons ago, but he hit multiple 50+ field goals in the drizzle. He was also 4 for 4 in the Washington overtime win and nailed the 59-yarder in the rain on Sunday night. If you take the two overtime games and the Pats opener, he went a combined 9-9 in those wins, hitting four kicks of at least 50 yards. Jake Elliott rules. I see people asking now if he’s better than David Akers. We’ve really been blessed with some amazing kickers over the last 25 years.

Again – incredible and hard to believe. Buffalo was +1 in turnover margin and they converted on third down at a 59% rate (13 for 22). They had 29 total first downs and converted their only fourth down try as well. The big moments, however? James Cook dropped a touchdown pass and they would have walked it off if Allen and Gabe Davis were on the same page in overtime.

One more:

Furthermore, Kevin Negandhi shared a statistic that the Eagles “have now won 8 straight games when they have trailed by 10 or more points.” That’s rubbed off on Vegas, because the Birds are actually a home dog against the 49ers this coming weekend. It’s somewhat fitting though, isn’t it? The catalyst for the 2017 Super Bowl run was the underdogs thing, so somehow we’ve reached a point where a 10-1 team is a +1.5 dog on their own field. You have to have a ridiculous set of circumstances over several weeks to see a line like that come into play.