The Flyers have won five in a row and are second in the Metropolitan. But the big story on Action News is this fight between Mathieu Olivier and Nic Deslauriers:

Aaron Bracy from The Associated Press wrote on Twitter: I asked Columbus’ Mathieu Olivier about the end of the fight. – “It’s a sign of respect. In the past, he’s asked me and I’ve obliged. This time, I asked him and he obliged. There’s a lot of respect in doing that role, and we’re two guys that are going to do it at our best.” 

This is something you love to see. Two guys just respectfully bashing other’s brains out, or, in this case, throwing a lot of right hands that either missed or landed on helmets. Deslauriers did get a body shot in there, but the number of significant strikes was rather low. Derrick Lewis vs. Francis Ngannou-esque. That said, both guys did an excellent job at managing the distance. Solid takedown defense as well. High fight IQ. Here’s Herb Dean declaring the winner:

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports