The King was on WIP’s midday show:

Reason being, Nola and agent are apparently looking for something like seven years in the $30 million range. The Phillies did extend a $20.3 million qualifying offer, but the scuttlebutt is that the Rangers are going to be the landing spot. That’s Anthony’s prediction and a trendy take as of 11/7/23. Put me in the camp of people who are pro-Nola and a little bit lukewarm on Blake Snell.

But yeah, this could be a big one for Howard Eskin. I believe he is the first person to come out and say that the Phillies are not going to re-sign Nola. I don’t see it anywhere else out there, so we’ll give him credit (if he ends up being right, of course). This could be his first big scoop since the Clinton administration.