Jon Marks went on 95.7 The Game in San Francisco for a segment with the dorky guys who whined and complained about their treatment at Lincoln Financial Field. The entire thing was totally cringe, but the first 30 seconds are about Angelo Cataldi being a fraud:

“He fooled all these dummies in Philadelphia.” 

Right you are, Bonta Hill!

I went ahead and watched the rest of the clip, for God knows what reason, and it was a little weird. 95.7 and 94 WIP are sister stations, both Audacy-owned, and the guy running the former, Matt Nahigian, was Marks’ program director at 97.5 the Fanatic. You get these typical crossover segments where the hosts fake yell at each other a bit, then they share a laugh and collect a paycheck. All of the typically contrived radio bullshit.

But it was “weird” because it seemed like there was some legitimate contempt thrown into the mix. A couple of lowlights:

  • We’re not going to condone violence,” Hill claims, while saying that Eagles fans should be popped in the mouth.
  • It’s my show, not yours,” then both guys cut Marks off repeatedly.
  • A screed about homophobic language and some connection to Kate Scott, because…. she used to be on this particular radio station and now calls Sixers games?
  • a brief dick-swinging contest about ratings (not sure about The Morning Roast, but Marks and Reese puts up massive numbers)

The shtick seems to turn off around the 12-minute mark, and I was sitting here thinking “ah there we go, they’re just acting,” but then the clip ends with Hill saying “that interview sucked, he just wasted our time,” which re-planted the seed of doubt inside my simple Philadelphia fan brain. The vibes seemed off. Suspect.

Anyway, this is how I imagine it would go if Eagles fans traveled to Santa Clara for a game: