I went down to the area where Kelly Oubre was unfortunately a victim of a hit and run over the weekend to make sure the good people of Philadelphia got home safe during rush hour:

You’re welcome Philadelphia. I’ll take my medal from whomever is mayor right now.

P.S. Obviously this is supposed to be funny and not a PSA on driving safety, but in a uncanny way it kind of turned into one. This city’s drivers absolutely stink. I really don’t think drivers in this city suck as much as they are just impatient people. Some of the moves I saw being made by drivers in the hour I was there were baffling. One dude, second in line in the turn lane mind you, going northbound on Broad peeled out, again second in line(!), when the traffic light on Spruce turned red. It was the most insane move I’ve ever seen. If someone was in the crosswalk they would’ve been toast.