Whenever you get some time with Jay Wright, you have to ask the obligatory “will you ever coach again?” question.

He did walk away on top, a few years after Villanova’s second national title in three seasons, and he’s not that old, just 61 right now.

We had him on Crossing Broadcast Monday to talk about a variety of topics, including Saturday’s first-ever Big 5 tripleheader at the Wells Fargo Center, and positioned the coaching question a bit differently:

Expanded answer:

Jay: I’ve never retired before (laughs), so I know enough to know that things change in life. But honestly, right now, I enjoy not coaching. I don’t miss it. I love going to watch games. I love being able to go to Eagles games, go to Phillies games, watch the games. I watched the Eagles game (against the Bills), I would have a laptop watching game film as I watched (an Eagles game), and then when the game’s over I’d be ready for practice the next day. I’d be using things that happened in the Eagles game to share with my team the next day, that could help us. And then you’d realize a little bit later, my assistants would tell me, ‘you know most of these guys aren’t from Philly, they hate the Eagles.’ 

Pagan: They all think the tush push should be banned.

Jay: Yeah (laughing), but then I think ‘it’s such a great example man, they gotta buy into this.’ But I’m really enjoying doing all of the other things that, when I was coaching, I was so obsessed and 100% in, that I really didn’t get to enjoy the other things in life. Like this Thanksgiving was the first time I was home for the whole Thanksgiving. What a great holiday man, watching games. Never did that before.

Kinkead:  Yeah welcome in, this is what Thanksgiving is actually like.

Jay: Yeah, so I don’t really see anything (missing), but maybe in two years I get bored, I’m really not bored now and enjoying this. 

Appreciate Jay’s honesty on the topic. And think about it – he coached for how many years in a row? He hasn’t had a normal Thanksgiving in decades. That’s incredible. Now he has the opportunity to gorge on turkey and pass out on the sectional like the rest of us normal fat asses. Here’s the full interview: