Let’s get it back to the Eagles:

John Clark: Good news with Jalen Hurts. He says he doesn’t have to wear the knee brace anymore and he said the bye week came at the right time. He was in good spirits (Thursday) with the Eagles back at practice getting ready for the Chiefs on Monday night.” 

Okay, good. Would assume that he’s not going to have to wear it on Monday night then. We need Jalen in top shape for this murderer’s row of games against the Chiefs, Bills with a new offensive coordinator, Niners, and then Cowboys. For what it’s worth, Hurts has run for 63 yards on 25 carries over the last three games. Consider that there have been a couple of shoves in there, and some scrambles as well. They’ve been throwing the hell out of the ball and there hasn’t been a lot of designed QB running. We’ll see if that changes at all coming out of the bye week with the extra rest. Jalen has eight touchdowns and one pick over the last three, and his completion percentage is way up, near 75, so the good thing is that they’ve been cooking teams through the air and haven’t had to rely on Hurts doing things on the ground.