Jason Kelce was on the WIP Morning Show Wednesday and Jon Ritchie asked him about Buffalo’s Jordan Phillips acting a fool:

“Well, you know the one play was a quarterback sneak, and I think teams are really trying to stop that play. They talk about it all week. I’m sure they labeled it as some of level of toughness to stop the play. I thought it was bullshit at the time, I really did. And I said so to the official on the field, I said I’ve been running that play a lot of years. I’ve seen people jump offsides. He made zero effort to stop after he jumped offsides. He purposely tried to hurt Cam Jurgens. I thought it should have been a personal foul…. I thought that play in particular was absolutely a disgrace that the NFL should not allow.”

Kelce is talking about the Brotherly Shove offside play, when Phillips just launched himself through the line and barreled over a couple of players in the process. That one was particularly egregious and outrageous.

He elaborated on Twitter:

There was a litany of other plays in which Phillips was being a horse’s ass, which Thomas Petersen clipped here:

Not to mention, Phillips was one of the players who came over to the fans with Shaq Lawson during the game. He didn’t shove the one fan, but there are a bunch of clips that show him yelling at event staffers. This guy was just out of control all game long.

Let’s hit him with the “you mad” clip: