Kelly Oubre sighting, nine days after the hit and run that may or may not have happened:



Me when I see Kelly Oubre move without difficulty nine days after the police report says he broke a rib:

Something tells me we’re never going to know what truly happened that night – especially now that Oubre and his team aren’t talking to the cops any longer, according to the Inky. The story fans are being fed just seems to have some holes in it until cops find video of the alleged silver car hitting Oubre on his bike. Remember, he was supposed to miss significant time and then 24 hours later he was to be re-evaluated in a week. Now he’s ramping back up to re-join the team. Attention from the story seems to be dying down though, so the Sixers might actually get out of a freak injury event unscathed for once. If that’s possible, then there is no reason to believe this team can’t get out of the second round too.

Tbh, I don’t care what happened as long as Oubre continues to ball like he did before his injury. This could be the biggest cover-up in sports history for all I know. Crazier than Cal Ripken Jr. and Kevin Costner.  I just want the Sixers to continue clicking on all cylinders like they have been to start the season.