Remember Mo Cheeks? Remember Jim O’Brien? If you don’t, you’re lucky. While kids nowadays complain about second round exits and Doc Rivers, my formative years were led by those coaches and a washed-up Chris Webber while the greatest Sixer of my life was still putting up 30 a game and barely holding it together off the court. Matt Barnes and C-Webb gave us a little insight into the chaos of those teams on the All The Smoke podcast:


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The good ol’ days of the Sixers practicing at PCOM! An NBA team made athletes making millions of dollars practice in one of the nation’s oldest medical schools. I mean paying for parking and dry cleaning? We didn’t even have to do that in D3. Suicides at shoot-around? In the NBA!?! Imagine Doc making James Harden run 17s last year.

But that’s the kind of org Comcast was running back then. You might not love how Harris & Blitzer are doing it, but it’s run like a 5 star resort compared to what it used to be 20 years ago.

Oh, did I mention Matt Barnes absolutely hates Mo Cheeks?


Matt Barnes vs Mo Cheeks 😅 #PointForwardS3 #MattBarnes #basketballtiktok #nba

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I can’t blame him. How did that guy coach 3.5 seasons without a winning record? The best year the Sixers had under him was a 40-42 season where Reggie Evans STARTED 61 games.