Trea Turner the trailblazer. MLB Free agents are making hype videos now with all the bells and whistles. Padres closer Josh Hader sent out one to teams narrated by Trevor Hoffman called “Ode to the Closer” –


Now, not as awesome as having A+ actor Jon Hamm narrate how much of a sick baseball player you are, but it gets the point across.

I’ll be honest, for half the season I was trying to find a way I could file a lawsuit against Jon Hamm for damages cause by Turner’s performance. I’m convinced I had a very strong case. Jon Hamm told me he was “slump proof.” That’s fraud. But thank God it all worked out in the end.

I wonder what Aaron Nola’s hype video is going to be. It’ll probably be six minutes long and around the four minute mark the audio would cut out and the video would just freeze.