The national media is finally getting on board and realizing how much skill the Brotherly Shove takes:

Ho hum, just what we’ve been saying for two years in Philadelphia! Hopefully NFL media will be brave enough to follow Albert because there’s plenty of room on the bandwagon for Pro-Shove members.

This was another weekend of football where more teams showed they can’t effectively shove because they don’t have the #1 offensive line and a QB who squats 600 pounds:

Look at this six-play Chargers sequence from the Lions’ 1 that included TWO back-to-back tush pushes. I bet you they wish they had a QB who could squat 600 pounds:

Teams are even getting innovative and running different wrinkles off the formation:

How can you cover football and think this isn’t a football play? If the tush push isn’t a football play then this isn’t either:

It’s literally the type of formation the game of football was founded on.

The best part is no one got hurt this weekend! Put that in your data pipe and smoke it, NFL.