If this guy wasn’t my head ball coach I would hate his fucking guts! But he is so SEE YA!

Big Dom is built like a brick shithouse and even he had some trouble holding Nick back from celebrating with the fans. God other coaches must want to beat the breaks off this guy. Honestly, this shit is why he probably doesn’t get any love in the Coach of the Year conversation. Sportswriters live with a larger dump in their pants than Patrick Mahomes’ lucky skid-marked underwear. But if it ain’t broke don’t fix it because it looks like it rubs off on the team too:

Nick Sirianni is like a cocky shaman. He has all of these teaching points and soliloquies about flowers growing in a pot and preaching dawg mentality that you would normally look at and laugh. He’s using traditional African philosophies during team meetings before the biggest game of the year:

But in the Eagles locker room the players are bought in and that game tonight epitomized dawg mentality. They just chipped away and chipped away and never gave up. They got 1% better as the game went on. Then after he beats you he rubs your face in it.

How this dude was a wide receiver and not a DB is beyond me: