Everyone should know that the Eli Ricks butt PBU changed the game:

You think I’m joking? I’m not.

It was 17-7 Bills with 10:42 remaining in the third. Buffalo was driving after the Eagles began the half with a wretched and appalling three-and-out. The Ricks butt breakup stopped a 3rd and 10 and forced a field goal that Tyler Bass shanked and missed.

After the butt PBU, the Eagles went to on to score touchdowns on three straight drives, and take a 28-24 lead. Buffalo followed the sequence with a missed field goal, touchdown, interception, and punt. The Eagles outscored the Bills 30 to 17 after Josh Allen threw that pass right off Ricks’ keister.

That play was the catalyst. Everything changed after Eli Ricks’ ass just happened to be in the way. The most important sequence involving a tush in this amazing win. Ricks even did the Jalen Mills “incomplete” gesture despite having nothing to do with the PBU itself, which is absolutely appropriate in this case.

Go Birds.