President of the United States honoring the Stanley Cup-winning Golden Knights at the White House:

Everyone is leaving for Vegas. They got a football team now, hockey team, possibly baseball soon. Maybe that’s what the hell he’s talking about. The Super Bowl also happens to be in Vegas this year. Maybe Joe is accidentally leaking the NFL script and confirming that the Birds are going back in 2024. Let’s gooooooooooooo!

FYI, this is not a political post. We don’t endorse any particular party or candidate because most politicians are useless. Except for Governor Shapiro, because he came on our YouTube show, so we like him. Huge Sixers fan and a Montco guy.

My particular disdain for Joe Biden goes way back to 2010, when he was Vice President and showed up at the first-ever Philadelphia Union game, at Lincoln Financial Field. Because the fucking VP was there, the place was locked down like Fort Knox. The security checkpoints were out the door. I missed the first goal in Union history because I was stuck in the security line trying to get through. I blame Joe for that.

Not my president!