The Eagles came firing out of the gate with their debut single off of their new Christmas album – All I Want For Christmas Is You.

You gotta have balls of steel to release All I Want For Christmas Is You first. That’s a first-ballot Hall of Fame Christmas song. It’s arguably Mariah Carey’s greatest contribution to music.

Lets see how they did:

The ladies have Mariah. Well the fellas now get Jordan Mailata! All I Want For Christmas (Jordan’s Version) is a jam!

There’s some blue collar union laborer weeping into his calloused hands right now. He’s always wanted to tap his toe to Mariah’s version in the truck, but he couldn’t because he was too worried about what his buddies would say. Well now he’s got his own version to deal with his insecurities. It’s not gay if it an Eagles offensive lineman sings it.

Anyone who lives with their wife or girlfriend should get a 1:1 on this song. It’s only fair. During Christmas season if you play Mariah’s version, then Jordan’s version has to be played right after and vice versa. Equality.

McGillin’s better load this onto the second floor TouchTunes stat!  Strong debut from the Eagles OLine!

I’m giving this 8/10 Kelce Clauses: