That’s Shaq Lawson shoving a fan. The most action he saw all evening because the box score shows 0 tackles, 0 sacks, 0 stuffs, 0 anything. He didn’t register a statistic and seems to be 4th in Buffalo’s DE rotation this year, based on the seasonal snap counts.

This is from the ESPN writeup, which I think uses the Associated Press copy:

Lawson, defensive tackle Jordan Phillips and other Bills players walked from the sideline toward the front row of stands at Lincoln Financial Field and started jawing at Eagles fans. Phillips got close to one fan’s face before Lawson walked up and seemingly made physical contact with the spectator, according to video circulating on social media. 

Can’t hear what the woman says in the video. Can’t hear what the Bills players say. Regardless, making physical contact with a fan is probably going to be a fine and possible suspension.