Just in time for Christmas, the Big Dom clothing line is here:

This is a real thing! Eagles Chief Security Officer/Senior Advisor to the General Manager/resident badass Dom DiSandro has his own line of charity apparel that’s going to raise money for the Autism Foundation.

Description from the website:

“We are excited to launch our next Eagles Autism Foundation merchandise collab with the iconic Big Dom. Big Dom is not just the guy next to coach on the sidelines, he is the Philadelphia Eagles Chief Security Officer and EAF ambassador. Proudly rock your Big Dom gear, with 100% of proceeds going to our Eagles autism community!”

This is something I can get behind. There are two offerings on the site right now, a $30 shirt and $60 hoodie, both with a portrait of Big Dom looking like Ray Donovan’s older brother, if he was from Napoli instead of South Boston:

Love it. The hat, the glasses, the Italy necklace. It’s a must-have for the holidays, and again, 100% of the proceeds are going to charity.

As you know, Big Dom doesn’t do media. He’s never spoken to the media, so I have a proposal. If we buy enough Big Dom charity shirts, he has to come on the podcast and grant us his first interview ever. Is that bribery? I don’t think so. I think it’s a slam dunk. We raise a bunch of money for the Eagles Autism Foundation, and the people get to hear from Big Dom for the first time. It’s a win/win. A total slam dunk.