Shohei Ohtani to… the Braves? –

“I even had someone tell me, Lauren, in the last week or so, that Shohei would be very intrigued by playing for the Atlanta Braves. Now, I don’t expect the Braves to sign him because their priority is upgrading the pitching staff for 2024, but that gives you an idea of where his thought process is – get to the best team you can get to.”

This stuff makes my head spin. We could laugh this off and swat it away, but we also didn’t think that Bryce Harper would choose the Phillies in free agency and sign a 13-year contract to play here. We also did not think Tyrese Maxey would ever go for 50 points in a game on 62.5% shooting, or at least most of us did not, so anything is possible!

But it’s funny, all of this baseball hot stove stuff. Recently we had Mark Feinsand’s “source” say the Phillies are interested in trading Nick Castellanos. Then Buster Olney’s “source” came out a week later and said they are not interested in trading Castellanos. It’s SOURCE WARZ! Now we’ve got reporters on MLB Network talking about the possibility of Shohei Ohtani going to the Braves. It’s madness!

My reaction if Shohei goes to Atlanta: