Tariq Woolen met Carson Wentz after the Seahawks/Rams game and called him a “legend” –

Check Tariq Woolen for CTE.

If these are the type of reads he’s making, Brian Johnson better go at him every single play when they face off. What the hell is this guy talking about? Explain to me in a world that doesn’t include a PS5 how Carson Wentz can be called a legend. Look at these numbers:

Nothing screams legend like 46-45-1 and out of the league by 30. Now if this was duck hunting? Legendary. This dude was putting up 2013 Peyton Manning numbers on another field:

But in the football community? Scrub. A guy who pieced together two good years, couldn’t stay healthy, and when the going got tough, he took his ball and ran to Indianapolis.

On the other hand I think Woolen beefed. He definitely thought he was talking to Matt Stafford.

You could even see the surprise on Carson’s face when he got the compliment:

That’s a guy that hasn’t been called a legend in five years. That’s the look of a has-been actor who was in a bunch of John Hughes movies in the 80s being recognized in a random LA restaurant.

You remember me?

Easy mistake. We all do it. I mean I look like every dark-haired Irish guy in Philadelphia. Woolen looks like every black guy with dreads in Seattle. Is that Marshawn Lynch, Richard Sherman, or Tariq Woolen? Who knows. You black? You Mekhi Phifer. You white? You Ben Affleck: