Saw this on the timeline and it made me laugh. User Dan (@snaxonly) made some money betting Jalen Reagor’s Deutschland unders on Sunday morning, writing “Never been prouder of a bet. Reagor, in ultimate loser fashion, played ONE (1!) fucking snap after getting 6 targets last game. This would’ve voided if he didn’t get a snap, despite being active. Legendary. Only regret is not having the stones to put my entire bank account on it.

Awesome! Reagor, if you were not aware, was waived by the Vikings in August and wound up on the Patriots’ practice squad. They elevated him on 10/22 against Buffalo, and he went on to catch his only target for 11 yards. Last week, he caught one of his six targets for 11 yards, and then the Pats decided to reduce his snaps from 77% to 1% for the Frankfurt game against Indy.

Dan shared these photos:

Bang bang! We cash! Gute nacht!