Jamie Apody has not appeared on Action News in a few weeks. She tweeted this on 11/5:

I have not watched every edition of Action News over the last 15 days, so I don’t have the best feel for how they’ve been staffing sports. I’d assume Ducis Rodgers and Gabriella Galati have been doing the shows. I did DM Jamie from my personal account and the CB account and didn’t get a response. I called Action News and a guy at the news desk, probably an assignment editor, said she was “on vacation,” which seems dubious. If that’s true, then 6 ABC would be the first television station in the history of Philadelphia to allow a sports reporter to take more than two weeks off in the middle of the Eagles season, starting with the uber-important home Dallas game. Nobody takes off for Dallas at home. The sports folks sometimes get a vacation break during the bye week, but that’s not typical, and as far as I can tell, Jamie was last doing Phillies stuff in late October.

We contacted the 6 ABC media spokesperson and will update if/when there’s a response.

Of course, we’d never rule out some kind of personal or family type of leave, and that would come with the requisite and understood privacy. However, when there’s no information and a vacuum exists, you start to see stuff like this –

Every Facebook or Twitter post has multiple responses asking some version of “where are you?” There’s even a query on the “Cecily Tynan fan group” page where nobody seems to have any clue what’s going on.

Jamie’s bio remains posted on the Action News website. Her social media profiles mention Actions News/WPVI/Channel 6. She’s been tweeting and posting on her various pages as well.

The thing that makes this strange, and probably worth writing this blog in the first place, is because the story mirrors what happened with Jeff Skversky about two years ago. He just disappeared from the station entirely, but continued to post on his social media accounts and continued to tweet about Philly sports like nothing had happened. That went on for months, before he announced his departure officially in September of 2022. We checked in with Jeff back then and no response. We asked 6 ABC, and they gave us a generic “we do not comment on personnel matters,” which is whatever. It’s typical corporate PR stuff, but it leaves viewers in the dark. One day the talent just stops appearing on TV, there’s no explanation, and the company shares no information. You combine that with situations where perhaps the talent isn’t allowed to say anything, and so the public is left with only two things – jack and shit.

Look at anything Jamie posts, and fans/viewers just want to know what’s going on:

EDIT 1 – forgot to put this in the original story, but there’s an 11/5 Facebook post in which a bunch of replies have been deleted: